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About Just IS

Just IS provides business services in the ICT environment. We cater for all sizes companies from small to enterprise and can provide all the communication services that you need to communicate effectively with your customers, suppliers, and employees to ensure high productivity at the lowest cost available.

We were born in Covid and has grown from strength to strength with our very basic philosophy and strategic business model. We aim to save our customers at least 35% on their current business services: Connectivity (Fiber, Wireless and LTE), Telephone, mobile and printing. This empowers our clients to upgrade their services and create the opportunity for higher productivity and lower overheads.
Our aim is to keep your company operating at the highest level possible therefore we also provide power backup and UPS systems to combat loadshedding and unscheduled power outages that has become the norm in South Africa. Our power solutions are worked out to your specific business needs, and we can get you off grid in phases. If you are without power, you are dead in the water.

With our CCTV offering you can always keep an eye on your product and people. Ensuring their safety and making sure they keep up the performance to keep up with your new technology.

At Just IS we take care of your company every step of the way and will supply you with high end IT equipment at fair prices and added value like on-site maintenance, extended warranties and great after sales support. Laptops, servers, routers, switches, cables, and network infrastructure are readily available as well as the installation thereof.

We don’t sell products and services but earn trust and build relationships to ensure positive growth for ourselves and our customers that overtime become patrons of success. Together we earn, together we save, together we grow.

We Never Miss a Call

We have partnered with the best Internet Service Providers in South Africa to bring you fast and stable internet in your area. Do not make a mistake and get stuck with an inferior service provider. Let us help you choose the best service for your requirement.