Business Telephone Systems

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Business Telephone Systems: 

Just IS offers on premisses, hosted and GSM PBX solutions for our customers telephony needs.

Our call rates are billed per pure second and move down as you purchase bigger voice bundles. We achieve these low rates by the volumes we sell and that we sell the minutes as prepaid minutes. Should you not use your full bundle it will carry over for 3 months. Every 3 months we review your usage and recommend that you upgrade or downgrade your voice bundle. Your minutes are billed separate to your system on a month-to-month basis that means you can decrease or increase your voice bundle every 30 days with a email before the 5th of each month.

A truly flexible telephone solution that is designed to breath so that your business can breath. Highest quality PBX and telephone solutions ensures longevity of your equipment increasing your ROI over time. Our biggest success story is of a company that we were able to save 85% on telephony cost for fixed and mobile.

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