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Epson Business Printers

Just IS partnered with Epson to bring our customers the next level of printing and cost saving solutions. Epson’s workforce pro ink jet printers come with 4 major advantages over laser technology.
Up to 95% energy saving – Epson Heat-Free Technology uses less power than laser technology because it does not use heat to warm up. As inkjets have no fuser unit to heat, this results in significantly less energy consumption. Unlike thermal inkjet technology, the Epson Heat-Free Technology enables consistent ink ejection, so the printer can print at consistently fast speed. This can lead to the printer being in action for less time and as a result, helps to reduce running costs.
Up to 98% less user intervention – The Heat-Free structure of Epson inkjet printers means that there are fewer parts that can fail, which reduces the amount of intervention required. The Heat-Free ink ejection process means that, unlike thermal printers, there is no heat damage to the printheads, so they last longer. As a result, Epson inkjet printers offer improved reliability and significantly reduced downtime.
Up to 85% more environmentally friendly - Laser printers typically use more consumables and require periodic replacement of the drum, transfer belt and fuser in many cases. Thanks to Heat-Free Technology, our inkjet printers use fewer parts that need replacing than in a laser printer, and, unlike thermal printers, our printheads are not a consumable. This reduces the environmental burden of manufacturing and recycling the additional resources.
3.5 times faster - Epson Heat-Free Technology requires no heat to warm up when it is switched on or awoken from sleep. This means it can deliver a fast first page out time (FPOT) compared to laser printers, which need to preheat the fuser to print. And unlike thermal inkjet technology, the Epson Heat-Free Technology does not need to wait for the ink to cool down between ink firings. This can result in faster printing and significant time savings.
Switch to Epson, save time, save money, save the environment and continue to print during power disruptions without draining your backup power source in a blink of an eye.

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