Backup Power (UPS) & Solar

Unlock the power of the sun
In 1931, not long before he died, Thomas Edison told his friends Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone: "I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that." 


Backup Power (UPS) & Solar

With our current situation in South Africa with power supply and failing infrastructure, it is crucial to invest in your companies power requirements to ensure sustainability for the future. With the savings we generate by restructuring your company's communication solutions (Internet and Telephone: Fixed and mobile). This becomes a natural transition without incurring additional cost. We move your company off-grid in phases ensuring that operations run as it should. While moving to an independent power solution that you are in control off.

Solutions we offer

All the below solutions are available for commercial and household applications.


Use this solution to generate some of the energy you use from the sun, this will reduce your electricity bill and guard you against loadshedding and spikes that is damaging to your appliances and electronic devices.

UPS/Back up

No generation from solar panels, only protect your devices from loadshedding and harmful spikes and make sure your company /household functions normally during loadshedding and power outages. Should you want to add panels or wind generation later the options are available.


Go completely off grid and produce your own electricity as per your requirement. This scenario is the ultimate freedom from the grid and will eliminate your electricity cost once and for all.

The Process

Complete the online form below as accurate as possible and hit submit.
An agent will contact you to setup a site visit to determine the solution that will best suit you. As every application is unique this step is essential and we need to be on site to do an accurate assessment and determine if free energy logging will be an requirement. Energy logging is where we measure your consumption over a period from 3 days to 2 weeks to make sure we propose the correct solution for your energy use. This will be an absolute necessary step when you have a factory or plant running day and night to determine the storage needed or should we need to apply for a reversible meter so that your utility bill can become ZERO while still using the grid.
After the site visit we will present you with a proposal and have another meeting to discuss the finer details.
Once the proposal is accepted we will send you an invoice for the first payment, the payment terms are 60% with acceptance, 30% with delivery of all material and 10% on completion if you pay cash. Should you be using our credit facility for business we will now apply for finance on your behalf and you will need to submit all documentation asap. If you want to add the facility to your bond you can now contact your bond holder and start the process.
After first payment is made or approval from the financial institution received our engineer will inspect your property for structural soundness and fire safety. He will then make suggestions to comply with the building regulations or approve the site for construction. This is an extremely important step that should not be skipped, should something go wrong and you need to claim from insurance the insurance company will ask for the Structural certificate and fire safety certificate of compliance and if you do not have this in place your insurance has the right of refusal to honour your claim.
Once the recommendations of the engineer has been completed the installation can commence.
After installation our electrician or should you want to use your own electrician will inspect and test the installation and issue the electrical certificate of compliance.
Final payment is now required to release the certificates of installation.
We will then do 3 site visits 2 weeks apart from each other to inspect and make sure the system is operating as it should and that there is no faults. We require you to be present as we can during the visit also give you training on how to check your system and do general maintenance checks.
Should you notice anything out of the ordinary you should contact us immediately.
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Just IS is a proud member of AREP. AREP is a non-profit organization that aims to standardise the solar industry with regards to quality and legal solar and renewable energy installations, thereby protecting the end user and ensuring that installers and suppliers delivers the best suitable solutions installed according to the building regulations of South Africa for solar. This will give the end user peace of mind when the unforeseen happens and they need to claim from their insurance that the claims will be honoured. It will also ensure that when the home owner wants to sell his house all the required documentation            (Structural sound COC, Fire COC and Electrical COC) is already taken care off. Please click on the AREP logo above to learn more and register for upcoming webinars and end user information sessions so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your solar equipment and installer.

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