MAGNETO Hybrid Inverter 8KW SP (Incl WiFi Module)

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Hybrid Inverter

Smart Energy Management

Safe | Reliable | User Friendly

Why use a Hybrid Inverter?
Hybrid Inverter
Power For Pe a ce O f M i n d

The Magneto Hybrid Inverter is a unique management
system designed to save you money. It gives you
complete control over your energy use, with intelligence
to maximise consumption between essential and
non-essential loads, as well as a “Time of Use” function
for peak shaving. Excess energy generation can be
backed up to batteries or exported back to the local grid.
Energy independence for peace of mind
In a developing world it is a necessity to compensate for
weak, intermittent and lack of grid electricity. The Magneto
Hybrid Inverter can give you total independence for single
and 3-phase parallel applications.
An Inverter’s function is to convert DC (Direct Current)
generated from PV (Photo Voltaic) into usable AC
(Alternating Current). Magneto Hybrid Inverters use
a combination of Solar and Wind generation to produce
pure sign wave AC. It is an automated system to supply,
store and distribute electricity efficiently according
to your needs.


The complete, compact energy management
system with more functionality than any other
inverter on the market. Seamless switchover
between energy sources.

Setup Options

Functions Detail
UPS - Inverter and Battery connected to the local grid to keep the power on during load shedding.
Grid Tie - Inverter and Solar Panels connected to the local grid to help with bill reduction during the day.
Grid tie +Backup - Inverter, Solar Panels, Backup Battery connected to the local grid for bill reduction during the day and during load shedding. By increasing the Backup Battery capacity, the additional power produced during the day can be stored and used during the night for additional bill reduction.
Off Grid - Inverter, Backup Battery and Solar panels (optional wind turbine added). A correctly designed system will produce enough power to use during the day and charge the Backup Batteries for night time use.
Time of use - This is ideal when your local electricity supplier bills different rates for Peak, Standard and Off-Peak use. The Inverter can be set up to charge the batteries during Off-Peak periods, and discharge the battery during Peak Periods. This will give you the advantage of Off-Peak rates during Peak and / or Standard period times, resulting in bill reduction.
Selling Power - The Inverter has the capability of selling any additional power your system produces back to the local grid when permitted by the local electricity provider.
Smart Load - The Inverter can redirect unused energy production to non-essential loads.