Midea Xtreme Inverter

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An Aircon Xtreme on Comfort

Whether you’re looking for aircon for the home or office, the new Midea air conditioner eliminates the line between good weather and bad. A host of comfort-related features including Turbo for rapid results, Do Not Disturb for a peaceful night’s sleep, Anti Cold-Air Function and Auto Restart ensure that you’ll enjoy perfect temperatures all year round.

Do not disturb

Turning off the ring and display will give you a quiet, comfortable night’s sleep. Press LED for 5 seconds to switch between Set temp display and Room temp display.


The indoor fan turns to turbo speed in the Cooling & Heating modes. In Cooling mode, the unit will turn back to the previous setting mode after running for 30 minutes. In Heating mode, the unit will keep running with turbo function until the setting is changed or the unit powers off.

Auto Restart

Should the power be cut whilst the unit is in operation, the Auto Restart function picks up right where you left off once the power resumes.

Anti-Cold air Function

When in heating mode, the indoor fan speed can be switched between high, medium, low or auto, with the anti-cold-wind function taking priority. The unit will only start the fan when the evaporator coil reaches 30⁰C.

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9000 BTU, 12000 BTU, 18000 BTU, 24000 BTU