Revov Star 51.2V 200Ah 5kVA/10.2kWh

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Revov Star 51.2V 200Ah 5kVA/10.2kWh

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The REVOV STAR is a 5kva/10.2kWh residential or small business backup power unit. This fully integrated backup system includes preprogrammed batteries, BMS and inverter, making it a quick installation. The complete DC system stores energy, detects grid status, and automatically supplies your home when the national grid is compromised. Unlike generators, the REVOV STAR requires no maintenance or fuel, creates no fumes and is very quiet. Power can be stored from Solar or from Grid. The batteries have a 16-cell confi guration for long life and the fl exibility to expand capacity by adding extra units, or to connect one REVOV STAR per phase. Note: The distribution board of the home will need attention by a qualified electrician or we can appoint one for you, to sort into Essential and Non-Essential circuits and accompanying protection e.g. AC breakers.


• UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for backup
for essential circuits in home and offi ce.
• Pre-programmed, all-in-one, kit-pack contains
everything a qualifi ed installer would require to
get a home or a small business up and running
with a UPS 5kVA/10.2kWh, fully enclosed and
protected unit.
• Cost effective solution with a rapid installation
• Supplies AC power – pure Sine Wave AC Output
– seamless backup transition.
• Fast charging from grid (or solar).
• LCD Display – Battery charge info display.
• Optional remote monitoring function.
• Note: This unit is not IP rated so the unit must
reside indoors.


• Cell and battery voltage detection.
• RS485 communication interface.
• Battery charge and discharge control (MOSFET).
• Cell, ambient and MOSFET temperature
• Display of the Battery capacity and number of
• Cells balancing - Equalization of single cells
• Watchdog protection for circuits to ensure safe


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SYS-2LiFE-STAR-SS-200-10.2, SYS-XIN-2LiFE-STAR-200-10.2, SYS-2LiFE-STAR-100-5.1, SYS-2LiFE-STAR-200-10.2